When you first glance at or hear of the term #BANAYEBEHETARBHARAT, to some it might sound monotonous. To some, It might sound like merely an idea or an emotion. Some might even believe there’s no one act or one initiative that can transform and revolutionize India but To ACETECH, #BANAYEBEHETARBHARAT is a goal we strive to accomplish.

#BANAYEBEHETARBHARAT is Mr Sumit Gandhi’s (Founder) vision, one proving a national platform for aspiring students to learn and grow, creating a stage for new innovations. ACETECH gathers the Greatest of professional experts to meet under one roof and fill in the loop holes to maximize on the growth that India holds. Each of ACETECH’s Allied Event is hosted with an aim of promoting an agenda, and the collective result of all, further trails it’s way to #BANAYEBEHETARBHARAT
ACETECH’S ability to turn and unveil a whole new generation of technology and allow Architects and Builders to present the most glorious of inventions encourages all to grow, develop and prevail!


Now lets dig in deeper into some of ACETECH’s Allied Events.

WTWYM (WALK THE TALK WITH YOUR MENTOR) – WTWYM is an event where our Proactive youth meets Architectural Experts. It’s a session where our aspiring Architects get a chance to learn from the journey of Experts from the industry that serves them with solutions to scenarios they face from time to time. It also helps our youth, the Future of our country to grow and shape their ideas on how the Industry works.


CONNECT- Connect is solely a B2B platform. It is an event that promotes development through growth through business opportunities, Builders meet potential buyers and also learn of the people’s wants and needs. Connects helps our Builders find all their leads under one hall and that in turn leads to more development with the broader outcome of accomplishing #BANAYEBEHETARBHARAT


ALPHA AWARDS- A key part of promoting development, sustainability and growth is appreciation and motivation. Only when one is motivated can one constantly work on generating ingenious innovations and our Alpha Awards stand for just that. For #BANAYEBEHETARBHARAT, it is of paramount importance for us to acknowledge and reward the experts that have introduced us with leading edge technology which has led to making India a better country. It is also crucial to motivate everyone that is trying or working on introducing innovations that’ll pave a new era of living for our Bharat!


#BANAYEBEHETARBHARAT may be a long term goal that could have varied stages but it very much a realistic and achievable goal. All we need from you is your support, and we will pitch open the door to a better future for our loving India.
So if you appreciate what we do, believe you can make a difference and contribute to #BANAYEBEHETARBHARAT, join our Initiave now.

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Author: BanayeBehetarBharat

#BANAYEBEHETARBHARAT is a nation wide campaign launched by ACETECH to transform India by bringing limelight to leading edge technology, innovations and sustainabilty programs to shape India's future.