After the splendiferous success of #ACETECHinBangalore and #ACETECHinMumbai, ACETECH is now on its way to Delhi, bringing you the largest platform for housing solutions, networking opportunities, home décor and connecting business from December 15th – 18th!

As you all know, December being the month of celebrations and vacations, is the most difficult time of the year in terms of booking a hotel. For those of you who are gearing up to visit ACETECH in Delhi this week, here are 3 tips to ensure your trip is a comfortable and enjoyable affair.

  1. Find accommodation within 2-3 kms of PragatiMaidan

Since the ACETECH expo is being conducted at PragatiMaidan, we would recommend finding a pleasant hotel which is located within 2-3 Kms of it, so that you don’t spend too much time in getting to the venue and back.

In case you’re caught up with work and are short on time, we’ve compiled a list of hotels you can look at which are strategically located within a few minutes of the venue and aren’t too deep on the pockets either.

  • Hotel Royal Plaza
  • La Sagrita
  • Ahuja Residency
  • Shervani New Delhi
  • The Hans
  • Jukasso Inn
  1. Make sure you leave an hour before the Expo starts:

We all know how terribly annoying Delhi traffic can be, so we recommend leaving from your accommodation atleast an hour early in order to avoid getting stuck in any jams. Another option where you can avoid traffic altogether is to make use of the Delhi Metro,  where you can get off at the PragatiMaidan Station on the Blue line, and then take a short walk or cycle rickshaw to the venue. Those of you, who are new to Delhi, don’t worry. All you need to do is download the Delhi metro app for guidance on metro timings and other information.

  1. Register Online to avoid standing in queues

Imagine how annoying it would be if you crossed all those hurdles and then ended up standing in a humongous queue for registration instead. To avoid that, we would advise you to get yourself instantly registered through our online link (http://www.etacetech.com/visitors_registration.html) or through the iDecoramaapp to get yourself registered without any hassles.Follow these instructions for an easy and tension free experience at ACETECH.

We look forward to seeing you there joining us in Asia’s Largest Architecture, Building Material and Design Exhibition – #ACETECHinDelhi to contribute to our nation wide campaign #BanayeBehetarBharat.



The year of 2016 for Home décor has been one of absolute brilliance. Modern art, as we like to call it along with its projection has uplifted Home Décor to a whole new lever altogether. Unlike the other years that went by with chemically dissolved paint smothered into the makings of bright and shiny colors, this year rejoices us with a new era of organic paints and raw material creating finishes and beautiful art that turns your home into a ravishing heaven!

So, if you’re tired of the boring set up of your home and want to update it with the most fantastic home décor of this year, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 5 gorgeous home décor trends that’ll transform your home into a heart throbbing elegant one!


Those bold, in your face colors are now a thing of the past with the new year belonging to more peaceful and serene shades such as pearl white, dusty blues, shades of green and other such from the cooler end of the spectrum, that will bring in a level of tranquility to your home.


There’s no better way to make a statement than with some shop stopper furniture that not only looks good but also adds a certain comfort factor to your setting. These might be a bit heavy on your pocket, but are always a good investment while setting up your home.


A touch of bright colors around your house will really spruce up the look and what better way to do that than throwing in a couple of colorful silk cushion covers to transform the seating area instantly.


If you think all of the above ideas are a bit too drab to your liking, one of the ways to bring up the quirk level is with some super cheesy Bollywood themed decorative items. From posters of Sunny Deol flexing his muscles to pillow covers of Sanju Baba, all of these are the “in” things to own currently.


We are pretty sure you’ve all pulled your fair share of corks out of wine bottles in your life, but now it’s actually making a comeback as a trendy material to add a bit of warmth and texture to your house, while adding an element of utility at the same time.


So, stop living in the dark ages and transform your home into one of the most trendiest one.


When you first glance at or hear of the term #BANAYEBEHETARBHARAT, to some it might sound monotonous. To some, It might sound like merely an idea or an emotion. Some might even believe there’s no one act or one initiative that can transform and revolutionize India but To ACETECH, #BANAYEBEHETARBHARAT is a goal we strive to accomplish.

#BANAYEBEHETARBHARAT is Mr Sumit Gandhi’s (Founder) vision, one proving a national platform for aspiring students to learn and grow, creating a stage for new innovations. ACETECH gathers the Greatest of professional experts to meet under one roof and fill in the loop holes to maximize on the growth that India holds. Each of ACETECH’s Allied Event is hosted with an aim of promoting an agenda, and the collective result of all, further trails it’s way to #BANAYEBEHETARBHARAT
ACETECH’S ability to turn and unveil a whole new generation of technology and allow Architects and Builders to present the most glorious of inventions encourages all to grow, develop and prevail!


Now lets dig in deeper into some of ACETECH’s Allied Events.

WTWYM (WALK THE TALK WITH YOUR MENTOR) – WTWYM is an event where our Proactive youth meets Architectural Experts. It’s a session where our aspiring Architects get a chance to learn from the journey of Experts from the industry that serves them with solutions to scenarios they face from time to time. It also helps our youth, the Future of our country to grow and shape their ideas on how the Industry works.


CONNECT- Connect is solely a B2B platform. It is an event that promotes development through growth through business opportunities, Builders meet potential buyers and also learn of the people’s wants and needs. Connects helps our Builders find all their leads under one hall and that in turn leads to more development with the broader outcome of accomplishing #BANAYEBEHETARBHARAT


ALPHA AWARDS- A key part of promoting development, sustainability and growth is appreciation and motivation. Only when one is motivated can one constantly work on generating ingenious innovations and our Alpha Awards stand for just that. For #BANAYEBEHETARBHARAT, it is of paramount importance for us to acknowledge and reward the experts that have introduced us with leading edge technology which has led to making India a better country. It is also crucial to motivate everyone that is trying or working on introducing innovations that’ll pave a new era of living for our Bharat!


#BANAYEBEHETARBHARAT may be a long term goal that could have varied stages but it very much a realistic and achievable goal. All we need from you is your support, and we will pitch open the door to a better future for our loving India.
So if you appreciate what we do, believe you can make a difference and contribute to #BANAYEBEHETARBHARAT, join our Initiave now.

Register here:


Big things always unfold and begin in the smallest way. But that isn’t the story of ACETECH. ACETECH, was created for the dream of a better India. An India, which would be technologically, infrastructurally and economically forward. What began as a congregation of architects, designers, developers, engineers, contracting companies, material suppliers and technology providers in 2006 has transformed into Asia’s largest and world’s third largest exhibition in the industry.

The initiative was started by Sumit Gandhi who had the vision of making India better and that eventually culminated into this year’s theme of Banaye Behetar Bharat.

“I’m so happy to see India emerging as one of the frontrunners of the Construction, Building Materials, Architecture, Design and Innovation sector and what makes me prouder is the fact that ABEC Exhibitions and Conferences Pvt. Ltd.”
– Sumit Gandhi, Founder

ACETECH hopes to do so by tapping into every level and corner of the construction industry, right from the students of engineering, architecture and design and scaling up to the likes of veterans and key industry players.

Make In India for Construction

Government might soon turn out with a different “straightforward” administrative system for development of mining and earth-moving equipment hardware parts, a senior authority said today.

“The proposed administrative structure is required to get more clarity as the worries of the development, mining and Earth-Moving Equipment gear are not sufficiently tended to according to the present enactment under the Central Motor Vehicle Act,” VishvajitSahay, Joint Secretary, Department of Heavy Equipment Industry said at a Make in India Week session organized by Ficci here. Furthermore, an assertion was inked between Cummins India and Heavy Engineering Corporation Ltd.

HEC and Promtractor JSC Russia “Chetra” have consented mutually to execute a task for production and get together of Bulldozers for sale of various limits for the client commercial ventures. These Bulldozers for sale require unique, suitable motors and embellishments which might be sourced from Cummins India Ltd.

“Cummins India will be assembling these motors in India suitable for Indian atmosphere and working conditions.” Ficci said in an announcement.

According to the Department of Heavy Equipment Industry’s Annual Report, the Indian earth-moving equipment and development hardware industry has been growing volumes at an exacerbated yearly rate of 40 for every penny in the course of recent years and the force is relied upon to stay light in the medium term.
The hidden components driving this development incorporate, the rising consumption on urban framework, which is relied upon to increment from present 1.59 for each penny of GDP to 2.16 for every penny of GDP by 2031 and the extending land part which is assessed to develop to USD 180 billion by 2020.

The augmentations in use on transport base of the nation (with USD 80 billion of ventures made arrangements for Roads and Highways by 2019) alongside solid development in mechanical assembling and mining exercises give plentiful space to fortify the development in hardware area in the medium term.

Mumbai eyeing for biggest Urban makeover

250 crumbling buildings in the south central of Mumbai very soon is going to have the biggest urban makeover. Currently the area, known as Bhendi Bazaar, houses around 20,000 people. The British-built train station formerly known as Victoria Terminus is in close proximity and the place is just too crammed. Soon, the families living there will get new and bigger home for free in one of 17 gleaming residential towers. This is claimed to be India’s largest-ever urban redevelopment project.
More than 80 percent of the buildings in the area have been declared unsafe and unfit for habitation. “Visitors are met with heaps of rubbish and rodents scurrying around. A once resplendent neighborhood is slowing being gripped in the throes of decay.” The houses made of wood and brick are “affected by structural weakness,” the “size and state of the roads makes it almost impossible for vehicular traffic to move, lack of footpaths and congestion makes it a challenging prospect to even walk,” and “outdated sanitation and inadequate fire and safety measures leave the population very vulnerable,” according to the SaifeeBurhaniUpliftment Trust’s website.
With an estimated cost of 40 billion rupees ($600 million), the project is attracting bids from local and international companies with experience in urban redevelopment. It is being held up as an example as how India is seeking to convert its centuries-old decaying housing into modern living. According to AnandLaxmeshwar, a director at tax, merger and risk consultancy BMR Advisors Pvt. Ltd., the re-development is forecast to generate economic activity of as much as $4.8 billion and employment to hundreds of people over the coming years.
SambhajiZende, chief executive officer of the state government’s Maharastra Housing and Area Development Authority, has said “It is a trendsetter for all the cities in India, As for Mumbai, we will see other private developers also doing this, though the scale may not be as large as Bhendi Bazaar.”
With the unanimous cooperation of residents around 70 buildings have been demolished so far and more than 1,700 families or about half of the total families have already moved to free, fully furnished temporary housing. Construction has already begun and residents are waiting for the completion of the first tower by 2018. A minimum of 350 square feet is guaranteed to all residents for free, which will not only improve the living standards but also will facilitate all the needs of modern housing .